Numbers of Success

Numbers of Success was created for people who want to become professionals in Network Marketing.
The fastest and most effective way to become a professional is to follow professionals.

NOS Community

Learning and Developing skills together is Numbers of Success‘ top priority. Exchange of the information between networkers from different industries and companies benefits all NOS members. The learned techniques can be converted and used profitably for your own network.

NOS Community will help you to learn from NOS professionals and, at this same times, reach your goals faster.


An important component of the NOS community is the NOS app, which allows you to see your team’s goals, commitments, NOS numbers and network. This way, you can support everyone in your team in the best possible way, as this data is available to you live.

  • Use them to tailor better your next training session for your team.
  • Use them to guide your next coaching session.
  • Use them to boost your team’s performance.

Vision board & Commitment

People believe in their goals only on good days, while NOS professionals visualize their goals daily. People don’t commit to their goals. They are afraid to leave their comfort zone. NOS pros commit to their goals. They know that their goals are outside their comfort zone.

Vision Board & Commitment will help you talk about your goals and commitments more often. This creates more confidence, self-esteem and belief that you will achieve your performance.

Numbers of Success

People treat all activities the same, while NOS professionals focus only on their Numbers of Success.
People want to earn like professionals without acting like professionals. NOS pros know that success has a price and they must pay it up front through income producing activities.

Numbers of Success will help you focus on income producing activities. Your goals will be predictable, actionable and achievable.


People do not control the growth of their business and find performance control from the upline uncomfortable. NOS professionals are grateful to have a personal success coach. They appreciate having an NOS professional guide them on their path to success.

Network will help you facilitate healthy growth for your business through performance control. It involves an universal law in network marketing:
The fastest and most effective way to become a professional is to follow professionals.

Boost your performance now

In Network Marketing it doesn’t matter when you have started or how much experience you already have. All that counts, are your income producing activities, your Numbers of Success.

Try NOS with your team for 30 days without obligation and see for yourself how your performance improves.

NOS Circle

The NOS Circle actively shapes Numbers of Success. As a member, you have the opportunity to contribute new features to the NOS app, a brand new tool or something else to optimize Numbers of Success for you and your team. Your ideas and suggestions will be discussed here.



Chat with your team directly in the app.

Always keep an eye on the progress of your team.

Follow live the growth of your NOS team.

More images, more visualization, more energy for your business.

Learn live from professionals and reach more business partners as a speaker.

Learn from several professionals at the same time in the NOS Multi Academy.

More languages on web and app.

Certify your level of knowledge in network marketing and be a role model for your team.

Exclusive store for NOS members.

Start now

Try NOS with your team for 30 days without obligation and don’t miss any of these features.


Numbers of Success was inspired by several legends and their achievements. We are very grateful for the knowledge learned and for the experience gained. Without them Numbers of Success would not exist.

NOS Circle Application

List of inspiring legends

  • Albert Einstein
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Bob Proctor
  • Eric Worre
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Bodo Schäfer
  • Jim Rohn
  • Frank Bettger
  • Dirk Kreuter
  • Dr. Joseph Murphy
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Vera F. Birkenbihl
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Tobias Beck
  • Eric Thomas
  • Dieter Lange
  • Les Brown
  • Dr. Stefan Frädrich
  • Salto Sterzenbach
  • Maxim Mankevich
  • Christian Bischoff
  • Dr. Julian Hosp
  • Martin Limbeck